Mt. Penn Borough Municipal Authority provides water service to the communities of Mt. Penn, Lower Alsace, St. Lawrence and a portion of Exeter Township. We are committed to providing high quality, reliable, and reasonably priced water to our customers.



(updated June 20, 2023)
Carsonia Park improvements are planned for this summer as follows, but there is no official start date scheduled for the project at this time.
A new bridge replacement over the Crystal Lake spillway into the Antietam Creek and a widening of the walking pathway between the lake and the Antietam Pool fence will be completed by end-of-week of August 7.  For your safety, please be patient to avoid these construction areas to Carsonia Park.  These park improvements will enhance your experience to the serving Antietam Valley community residents of Lower Alsace/Exeter Townships & Mount Penn/St. Lawrence Boroughs.

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MPBMA uses CodeRED to monitor water emergencies throughout our system.  The notification block (below) will automatically generate information about any current emergency situation in real time.

The application is also able to send emergency notifications by phone, email, and text. To receive enhanced alerts no matter where you are located, click the Sign Up button below and complete the CodeRED enrollment form.