Mt. Penn Borough Municipal Authority provides water service to the communities of Mt. Penn, Lower Alsace, St. Lawrence and a portion of Exeter Township. We are committed to providing high quality, reliable, and reasonably priced water to our customers.



Water System Operator
The Water System Operator (W.S.O.) will perform a wide variety of maintenance duties required for the safe and reliable operation of the Antietam Valley water distribution system.  Candidate(s) must possess a high school diploma with demonstrated computer skills.  A valid PA driver’s license free of any suspension or repeated traffic violations is required. APPLY HERE, or pick up an application at the Mt. Penn Borough Municipal Authority (MPBMA) located at 200 N. 25th Street, Reading, PA  19606.


The Mt. Penn Water Authority will be flushing fire hydrants starting Monday, March 13th and continue throughout the months of March through June from 7:30AM-3:00PM.

The flushing operation may cause temporary clouding of water and low water pressure. The system will return to normal after flushing is completed each day. The areas affected are Mt. Penn, Lower Alsace, St. Lawrence and parts of Exeter Township.


Our Installation Technician, Richard Genova, will be knocking on doors and/or hanging placards asking our customers to call him to make an appointment to have their meter changed. We are in the process of updating all of the meters in our system. Each appointment should take only about 10 minutes. Beginning Monday 8/29/22.

The Easiest Way to Pay Your Bill!
Our new online bill payment option saves you time and gives you more flexibility in how you pay your bill.

online payments

MPBMA uses CodeRED to monitor water emergencies throughout our system.  The notification block (below) will automatically generate information about any current emergency situation in real time.

The application is also able to send emergency notifications by phone, email, and text. To receive enhanced alerts no matter where you are located, click the Sign Up button below and complete the CodeRED enrollment form.