Mt. Penn Water Authority employees are easily identified. Employees working in the community wear uniforms with the Mt. Penn Water Authority logo. Company representatives also carry picture identification cards.

If you have any questions about the identity of a Mt Penn Water employee, ask that employee to show an ID card, or contact our office to see if any of our employees are working in your area.


Matthew Hauck, Water System Superintendent
Matthew Heizmann, Water System Operator
Phil Hobaugh, Water System Operator


Christeena Hauck, Office Manager
Stephen Davis, Support Specialist


I would like to take a moment to thank the MPBMA crew who worked diligently  through the day and late into the night earlier this week to ensure water service into several homes, including mine, in Earle Gables Court was interrupted for as short a time as possible. The interruption was likely longer than anticipated but the crew stayed until water service was restored and I want to thank them for that.

With 30+ years of construction experience, I am well aware it is often the case when digging a hole in the ground that what is found is not what is expected. The MPBMA crew adapted to the unforeseen realities and performed well under the circumstances.