The Mt. Penn Borough Municipal Authority (MPBMA) is required by PaDEP to conduct water tests for various pollutants including Nitrate.

The PaDEP set a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for Nitrate at 10 mg/L as Nitrogen.  MPBWA has routinely tested for Nitrate with results varying between 1.41-2.37 mg/L as was reported to PADEP, which is well below the limit of 10 mg/L. The most recent results were 2.19 mg/L.

MPBMA follows all sampling protocols and uses M.J. Reider Associates, Inc., a PADEP accredited environmental laboratory, to analyze samples.

MPBMA is required to report all exceedances to the public and PADEP when found, and has never exceed the MCL for Nitrate.

>> View the Certificate of Analysis and Nitrate test results.